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Save Het Feministenfeestje to your collection. our online startup launcher program for free. This study aimed to test the hypothesis that early chest compression CC by a non professional bystander could increase the rate of ventricular fibrillation VF when pre-hospital emergency team turn on the semi-automatic defibrillator SAEDwhich is necessary for a return of spontaneous circulation ROSC.

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Method: Prospective cohort observational study. Inclusion criteria were: patient over than 18 with non traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

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Epidemiological and electrocardiographic data were collected first heart rate at SAED, post-shock rhythm at 5 and 60 seconds. Median age was In nearly three-quarters Conclusion: The positive effect of a bystander should boost efforts to train the general population on CC. Introduction: European Society of Cardiology advocate the period and management of coronary reperfusion, primary percutaneous coronary intervention pPCI or thrombolysis, according to the interval between the beginning of chest pain symptoms onset and the first medical contact CP-FMC and the availability of pPCI.

Materials and methods: Data collected on a regional level through a retrospective study managed by 8 out-of-hospital emergency medical services EMS and 40 mobile intensive care units Local Sluts Capitanejo PR.

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The area was divided into three concentric zones: city, inner and outer suburb. Availability of PCI was defined as the concentration of cath lab per km2. Availability of PCI was 9.

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The clinical impact of non-compliance with time intervals is a major ificant increase in mortality. These objectives legitimized by international guidelines must be implemented and respected. Secondary transfers were excluded from the analysis. Statistical analysis: Chi-2 test and Wilcoxon test were used.

Multivariate analysis with reference group patients over 80 years old. The proportion of elderly patients is stable since The call to SAMU is delayed after the beginning of pain, since this call is made on average after 93 minutes for those aged over 80 as opposed to 57 minutes.

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Pre-hospital mortality was therefore greater for those above 80 years 1. Pulmonary embolism PE has a heterogeneous clinical presentation and international guidelines recommend the use of validated clinical scores to estimate the pre-test probability of PE. Recently, point-of-care ultrasonography has been widely used, proving to be accurate and useful in the diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis DVT and of many acute pulmonary pathologies.

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The aim of this multicentric prospective study is to compare the diagnostic accuracy of a clinical-ultrasonographic score US-WS with a clinical score as Wells score WS. In each patient lung and venous ultrasonography were performed by a physician blinded to clinical data. The last item was considered positive in presence of at least one subpleural infarct; in absence of lung infarcts and in case of an alternative echographic diagnosis such as pneumonia, pleural effusion or diffuse interstitial syndrome, the item was considered negative.

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Finally, in case of a normal lung US examination, the item had the same point ased to the same item in the WS. Final diagnosis of was obtained by multidetector CT pulmonary angiography or when not feasible by lung scintigraphy and a 30 days clinical follow-up. Background : Several studies examined the impact of off-hour presentation cath lab staff available on call on both the processing time of patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction STEMI and the resulting outcomes.

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There is general agreement in the literature with regard to the importance of the processing timing of the patients, although data regarding increase in mortality as a function of processing timing are conflicting. These differences in time of reperfusion are confirmed after adjustment for age, sex, and access modality emergency service vs self-presentation.

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Conclusions : In our working setting patients with STEMI presenting during off-hours had revascularization times ificantly higher: this data are associated with a ificantly higher in-hospital mortality. These data highlight the need of improving the cath-labs organization as well as rationalize the allocation of resources in order to ensure adequate revascularization Local Sluts Capitanejo PR to all patients with STEMI to improve ificantly both clinical outcomes and survival.

Background: Several biological prognostic indicators were analyzed in the acute heart failure syndrome SICA such as: hemoglobin, serum sodium, troponin levels…Initial hyperglycemia appears among these prognostic indicators 1. Purpose: The objective of this work was to investigate the prognostic impact of the initial elevated blood glucose on mortality among patients with SICA admitted to the emergency department. Participants and methods: We conducted a single- center, prospective, observational study.

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Inclusion of patients with SICA. Standardization of treatment according to clinical scenario CS. Hyperglycemia was defined as:.

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: One hundred eighty patients were included. Average blood glucose concentration at admission was The initial hyperglycemia was noted in patients Based on block permuted randomization, the patients were randomly divided into two groups: D and C, with and without PNB respectively.

In both groups total postoperative opioid consumption,visual analogue score VAS for pain were compared.

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There was a ificant different in postoperative narcotic required in the group D in comparison to the group C. No ificant adverse effects were encountered among groups. In conclusion perineural administration of dexmedtomidine ificantly decreased postoperative pain intensity in the patients undergoing femoral surgery.

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But ARC heterogenic management and inadequate analgesia are frequents. The goals of this study were 1 to evaluate emergency department ED practices concerning the use of analgesic drugs for optimal pain control or relief, urine diagnostic tests, and medical imaging techniques in patients with ARC; and 2 to compare this clinical assessment with national recommendations.

Sixty-five patients A urine Local Sluts Capitanejo PR test for hematuria was negative in The respect of recommendations would improve the ARC management and diagnosis, and reduce costs and ED stay delay, critical challenges in emergency medicine. Inserting foley catheter in male urethra is one of most annoying procedures in the emergency departments.

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Although most of the physicians use Lidocaine gel for alleviating pain and discomfort of this procedure, there are numerous of patients who need foley catheter complaining of its pain and discomfort. This study was conducted to examine the efficacy of local ketamine along with Lidocaine gel for instillation in the male urethra for easiness of urethral catheterization, as compared with using Lidocaine gel alone.

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Up to 8 mL of prepared mixture instilled directly into the urethra. Three minutes later by using sterile and standard technique and lubricating the appropriate catheter with whatever remained from the mixture, procedure was done. Baseline characteristics and hemodynamic variables of all patients including pulse rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure were measured before and after insertion of Foley catheter. Level of pain perception of patients at the baseline and after Local Sluts Capitanejo PR procedure in both groups was recorded by using the numeric rating scale from Zero to There were no ificant differences in baseline characteristics and hemodynamic changes between two groups of the patients, before and after the procedure.

Instillation of Lidocaine gel in conjunction with Ketamine locally in the urethra could decrease perceived pain and would make men undergoing urethral catheterization more comfortable during the procedure.

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Background: Pain is the main cause of presentation in an emergency department ED for patients with sickle cell disease. Due to the atypical presentation of those patients and the high doses of opioids needed to treat them, they are often misunderstood, under evaluated and under treated by the staff.

For all those reasons we have written, in collaboration with the hematology department, a protocol including hyper-hydration and high dose of morphine.

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The secondary endpoints were an evaluation of the satisfaction of the patients with a questionnaire, measuring an estimated time by the patients between the first contact and the administration of the first dose of Local Sluts Capitanejo PR drugs and finally the total dose of opioid given. Methods: In partnership with the department of hematology, we realized an observational prospective monocentric study, after submission to the ethical committee, concerning the treatment of adult sickle cell disease patients in our ED. This study was performed during two years from February until February Informed consent was obtained ly during routine visit or in the emergency department when the patients were admitted for vaso-occlusive crisis.

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Both nurses and patients realized a pain evaluation on admission, with AVS, and the treatment was started using the written protocol. The questionnaire was graded from 1 very bad to 5 very good. : During this period, we registered consultations in our ED, where we recruited observations 0.

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Mean waiting time was 18,6 minutes between first contact and first dose of analgesic drugs, but the received doses of morphine were ificantly lower than those recommend on our protocol. are analysed with a mixed qualitative and quantitative analysis and presented as tables.

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Thu, Nov 19, PM. An anonymous questionnaire was created and distributed among healthcare professionals involved in paediatric resuscitation. InLondon hosted the International Olympic and Paralympic games.

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Andrea hospital, Vercelliwith a structured OU and defined protocols and the second, in Marche region S. Two main reasons for this have been hypothesized; a lack of adequate training for Emergency physicians and of validated screening tools which can be completed quickly and with minimal training in the ED. In parallel, 20 acute patients were interviewed, and afterwards the documentation of their pain treatment was analyzed.

A single-centre, retrospective cohort study was carried out, examining imaging practice in children with head injuries pre-guideline and post-guideline implementation.

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The patients with paroxysms of AF or supraventricular tachycardia SVT were reviewed after a month, in order to complete the same form, perform the ECG, and collect the same blood speed dating meetup near Overpelt Belgium. Average blood glucose concentration at speed dating meetup near Overpelt Belgium was In total patients were treated-and-left after telemedicine assessment by EMDC physician.

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Today at PM. Junack, Gerhard Furthermore, the technique of anaesthetization will be taught. The mean satisfaction score of patient was 3,8.

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Discussion: Due to the presence of a protocol, we have noticed that the ED staff was more attentive and reactive to sickle cell disease patients, with a quick evaluation of the pain and a short delay between the first contact and the first dose of analgesic drugs. However, we obtained a good global satisfaction of the patients concerning their management.

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